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Hi, everyone. I just joined LJ a couple of days ago, and this group a few seconds ago. I'm so glad that this journal is on LJ because I've been having problems with muscle jerks, seizures, whatever it is that I'm having. A few months ago, I was taking a nap when I suddenly jerked up into a sitting position. I have no idea what caused it; one moment I was napping, another moment I was sitting up. Several other things have happened in the past few months, so now I have another appointment with the neurologist this coming Friday because I was told that the results of the EEG I had back in June were abnormal--something to do with the delta waves, I'm not sure.

Has anyone ever been through this (stupid question, considering what the topic of this journal is, but I'm not sure how to ask it any other way)?
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Greetings and Be Welcome, here.

No, can't say as I've had the exact experience.  In most cases I end up knocking myself into the ground or the sofa.  Over time, one can develop a sense for when a seizure is imminent.
i only have seizures in my sleep & it always starts with my left arm going numb. when it starts i always jerk up & try to rub my arm so i can feel it but sometimes the rest of my body & head will go numb & start shaking uncontrollably, after that i usually pass out for the seizure & for a few hours after..