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Cerebral Dance Party

A Life Of Seizure

Seizure Disorder
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Anyone who has had a seizure or witnessed a loved one having a seizure knows what a scary thing it can be.

This community is to provide an open forum for discussion about everything and anything related to seizures, seizure disorder and epilepsy. Talk about your diagnosis, share poetry, artwork, your worries/fears, your experiences, really anything you like.

No on topic post will be censored or removed.

**New: Please refrain from using flashing icons when posting to this community as it can be quite triggering for some of our members.**

Every member of this community will be treated with the utmost respect and care. Flaming absolutely will not be tolerated, and user will be automatically banned without warning.

Anyone can join, anyone can post. It's a big support group where there once was none.

creator/moderator: hollydollie