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Adult onset 34??

New to Epilepsy. I am 35 years old, and had my first seizure in June, my second one in August and I thought I had a 3rd one while I was sleeping, but not sure since I don't know when I get the damn things. This is all very aggravating. I can't drive for 6 months and I have 3 children. I have been having to depend on other people to bring me here or there, and my husband has to work AND do things that I used to do (go to bank, shop, etc.) It is very depressing but I try not to let it show. I am scared. Very scared. I am here by myself during the day and the images of my kids coming home from school and finding me on the floor w/ blood oozing from my head is not a pretty one. I just wish shit in my life would go right for once. People usually feel sorry for me. My 10 year old daughter died on 2-25-07 in a 4-wheeler accident, I was already very depressed from that. Who wouldn't be right? And then I just start having seizures all of a sudden and my kids need their mom to be healthy....My neck and shoulder are already messed up from a roll over accident in 2005, so I see a doctor for that as well. I used to be terrified of doctors when I was younger, now it has become a part of my life, and I wish it wasn't. I just started medication for seizures in the beginning of August [Trileptal,sp??], I guess if I have another seizure we all know the meds aren't working to well right? Well I can't say I am glad to be here, because I am not. But I would like to get to know other adults or whomever in the same situation or, are on the same medication as me. I find that I am very tired during the day, but I sleep well at night which is a plus since I wasn't sleeping at all before the medication. The neurologist said to report back to them in 2 weeks if I am still have side effects, my body just may have to get used to it since I just started it.....Anyway glad to have found this group. Hope to get to know some of you here.

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