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Hey Everybody,

I'm Stephanie, and I'm new here, and new to the whole world of seizures. I'd never had one before (that I know of) until Apr 20th this year, when i had a full on grand mal in front of my house. There were no apparent triggers, other than that I'd a had a few drinks the night before, not a lot, but more than usual for me. I was moving some light weight furniture from my car into the house when it happened. The last thing I remember was feeling dizzy and steadying myself against my car, and next thing I knew, the paramedics were over me. A neighbor saw me next to my car with my arms at waving around at right angles in front of me, and then I dropped. I fractured my nose on the way down, and landed wedged between my car and the curb, and managed to give myself some serious road rash on the left side of my face, along with various bruises, and a banged up knee. The neighbor got my roommates, who managed to keep me from hurting myself any worse. They say I seized for about a minute or two. I don't remember anything. My memory is very spotty until I got to the ER, where they ran a CT scan, x rays, and blood work. The next morning, they ran an EEG, and MRI. Everything came back normal, but the EEG, which showed abnormalities on the left side of my brain. They put me on a very low dose of (generic) Keppra (750 mg daily) and sent me home, with a follow up appointment with a neurologist about 5 weeks later.

Even on the low dose of Keppra, I had a lot of side effects and mood swings, so my neuro is taking me off that, and stepping me on to Lamictal instead. I'm taking both for now, while I get up to full dosage on Lamictal. She's ordered a 48 hour home Video EEG for July 13-15. I'll be wearing a monitor belt with a camera on me. I work at home, taking inbound calls on a laptop and sit at my desk for 10 hours a shift. The nurse who scheduled my VEEG said that ordinarily I wouldn't be able to work with my head wrapped up like a q-tip, but in my case it would be fine, since I'm home, and sitting still. I'm trying to decide if I should just work through it, or if I should talk to my boss about having the time off.

I lost my driver's license for 90 days, and have about a month left until I can hopefully get it back. Part of me really hopes I never have another one. The other part of me hopes that if there's something to find, that it shows up on the VEEG. I don't have a diagnosis yet, of course, but I'm looking at at least 2 years on meds according to my neurologist.  

Any words of wisdom, similar experiences, or what to expect with the VEEG are appreciated, as well as opinions on whether or not to try to work during the VEEG.

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