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Wednesday morning while I was at my Mother-In-Laws house doing laundry my Fiance had a Gran Mal Seizure and fell down the stairs! He was rushed to the hospital where he was unconsious for almost 24 hours! Amazingly no broken bones of head injury. He is being kept for a few days for good measure.

There was no warning except for the roar he lets out. He was on the way to change our Son. What if he had been carrying him or worse the baby! He hasn't had a major seizure since Oct. last year! We thought this was going to be the year he would be free. I still haven't cried yet, because I have to be strong for the children. I am a bundle of frazeled nerves though. I can't even sleep in our bed right now. I am staying on the couch. He is so bruised I can't even hug him. I want to cry so much.
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