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I never try anything. I just do it.

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Seizure Salad

So.......anyone in CA know what the deal is if you have seizures where you are CONSCIOUS the whole time and can stop what you are doing, etc and issues w/the DMV...?
I know what the issues are re:lapse in consciousness.....
Any help would be appreciated.

I'm starting to REALLY appreciate and love you guys. I feel like you're all I've got for....this kind of support.
No one else knows what to do or how to handle it and I can't tell my mother that they've come back (I'm 30, but she's my best friend), because she'll worry like crazy.

Please help and tell me nice things. Good things. I know it'll be ok, but really? Will it? Am I going to die super early because my brain is fucked up? Am I going to lose my memory or ability to do academic work because my brain keeps hating on me?
I'm scared about doing the Medication Mambo again. It made me suicidal, and I'm actually approaching some good feelings/space in my life & self for the first time in ages........ :(

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