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just a re-introduction

 hello all,I cannot remember if I have actualy posted here before,Ive been a member for like 7 months but I havnt said much mostly because I was unsure of the nature of my condition.

it has been figured out some time ago....

Dr.has found 2 foci in my brain.frontal midline(3rd eye I assume!weird huh?)and right temporal.I take keppra 500mg 2x a day and it worx well,like 85% of the time.

I used to work for the railroad as a train electrician but had to resighn because of this so I recently got a job as a security job that I'll start in 2 weeks.I am confident that things are on the upswing and my attitude is mostly good,outlook positive.

occasionaly I have a seizure in my sleep or when exhausted,if I miss my pill,It will always get me,my chemestry is very delicate.also I have a few questions for the group:

1.anyone know if it is possible for a 28yr old to "outgrow" epilepsy? I have frontal and temporal lobe epilepsy..I need to ask my Dr. what the official title realy would be called anybody here from connecticut?if so,does anybody know of any events or groups or any social activity around here related to the subject?
4.How is everybody feeling today and what could be done to make it better?maybe I could make you laugh?
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